6 Reasons my Kids Hate Me


6 Reasons my Kids Hate Me

1.  I’m loud as hell.

2.  I’m always right.

3.  I’m not afraid of a little embarrassment.

4.  I can spot a lie from a mile away and it’s impossible for me not to call it out. (I’ve tried.)

5.  I am sneakier, more clever, and always one step ahead of them.

6.  I have yet to leak the password for the WiFi in their presence.

One day they will thank me.  For now I will embrace the hate.

your a 6th graderMy Point exactly!

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  • http://dysfunctionaldose.com/ Nikki

    Thanks for stopping by Nickie and sorry for the delay. This got stuck in spam., the WIFI password is like magic! I will stop by asap!

  • http://dysfunctionaldose.com/ Nikki

    Change it and QUICK! The WIFI password is like gold! It brings good grades, and better behaved kids. It’s magical!

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.mcallister.71 Andrew McAllister

    All those reasons are TOO true! …although it appears I failed on the WIFI password thing. Oh well…

  • http://twitter.com/tiffaniathome tiffani goff

    Ok, just voted for you!!!!

  • http://dysfunctionaldose.com/ Nikki

    I’ve never been shy about my love for creative discipline! I love me some embarrassment!!

  • http://twitter.com/TheDoseTweets The Dose of Reality

    Hahahaha! You have mad mothering skillz, Nikki! You rock!!