Breaking the Silence for Autism Awareness

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Okay, I’m sure most of you have either been wondering why I’ve been so quiet or, some have just given up on guessing and came to your own conclusion that I have finally had enough with this nonsense I call my life, threw in the towel on whatever self control I have left, and have been sharing a fancy sleeping space next to Big Bertha on Cell Block B………..  Not quite.  Not yet anyway!  I continue to shock even myself with this extremely high tolerance level for people pissing in my Cheerios that I never even knew had in me.  I’m rolling with the punches over here better than any professional Green Beret would.  I of course slapped some Rhinestones on the beanie but, I still dare anyone to challenge me here!   This new skill of mine was slowly acquired with every envelope I have torn open in the last year and half labeled “Medical Records.”

When I go silent it’s not because I don’t have anything to say.  Trust me I have plenty of shocking points to bring to the table right now.  It’s usually either:

A.) There is ZERO possibility anything good can or will come out of  this mouth right now.


B.)  I have received new information, records, or recent lab results and have my eyes glued to researching every word until they nearly bleed.

I never thought I was even capable of learning much less, retaining what I know right now and I never even considered the fact that some of the most intense, brutal training I would ever endure in my lifetime would consist of such a simple task like putting some exam sheets from the past in chronological order.  It is truly like being stabbed in the heart every single time.  I also would have never thought by the year 2013 parents would be forced to beg, fight, and show up to Doctor’s appointments holding supporting documents just so our children will get the proper medical treatment they not only deserve but, are supposed to have the legal right to.  I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised seeing as we live in a Country that seems to be getting more odd by the day.  We’ve got a government that recognizes ingredients in our food as carcinogens, and hazardous toxins yet still allows our Physicians to refuse medical treatment to patients because they are “Autistic.”  Which just so happens to be 1 in EVERY 50 of our school aged children in this country.  Which is the same country that continues to lose special needs education programs and disability funding year after year.

So, fortunately it seems the last of the exam sheets, and doctors notes have finally come trickling in just in time for me to say my peace for Autism Awareness Month.  I’m ashamed to say this but, I WAS one of those parents who was somehow convinced Thing 3 was “just born this way.”  If you try to learn from others mistakes please learn from mine.  I have a small mountain you can choose from.  I never thought this file would say anything I didn’t already know or prove things were hidden from me and that I was lied to.   ALWAYS… ALWAYS request copies of your children’s medical records.  Even if they don’t mean anything to you right now and don’t let anyone act like they are doing you a favor by giving them to you.  It’s your property and IT’S THE LAW!

Each sheet. Each word.  Each and every crossed T contributed to form the chapters to a book I have titled ” SLOPPY MEDICAL HISTORY.”   That’s exactly what my kids are to these Doctor’s.  History. You know…the kind of History that’s so distant in your memory that you never really give it a second thought again.  For my kids the crystal clear story being told is not even in their vision field to be filed as history.  This is their life.  The only life they have and were forced to live at a quality no where close to what they deserve.  I never again have to wonder why or guess how this happened.   I can read the details any time I want in everyone else’s writing except my own that document exactly how my child(ren) went from healthy, normally developing children to medically destroyed in just about every way possible.  It’s like almost every Doctor we have ever seen wanted to make sure they made their own special contribution to the book of laziness.

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SO, I’ve been doing some thinking and I’ve come to the conclusion that it would be highly beneficial to my mental health status and the entire State of TX if a couple feisty ladies would join forces and start shaking things up a bit down here in the Southern hemisphere.

I’m SICK knowing that thousands of children continue to be neglected & abused by their highly trusted, extremely lazy & ignorant Pediatrician’s.  I’m PISSED that 2 of my kids are included in that number. I’m SAD because the majority of these kids parent’s don’t even realize it because they are busy being parent’s while they place their trust and their children’s lives in the hands of the Professionals.  Which is exactly how it should be…. BUT…. look where that got me.

Accountability time is quickly approaching.

I have tried to “Keep Calm” which has been more difficult than you can imagine since calm is the exact opposite of anything that comes natural to me.  I have played this disgusting game of medical politics for far too long with hopes that somehow my kids would get the proper treatment.  I’m the first one to admit I have always been terrible at faking things so, I am officially throwing in the towel on the “Miss Polite” crap.  Polite got me nowhere.  Believe it or not there are other people out there besides your kids that can’t hear you unless you scream!  So, game over.

I would however, like to call a rematch.  Only this time it’s only fair that I get to take my turn making up the rules.  Way too many “so called professionals” made the conscious decision to ignore my children.  I don’t even feel sorry for them that they were so clueless about how much  skill this Mother actually has in the game of hard ball.  I’ve always been a reasonable and fair person so, I will still offer a little advice to the ones I have a feeling might see this:

I’m not sure if I ever let off a vibe that my intelligence should be questioned but, I can promise you this thinking cap of mine works just fine.  I consider myself one of the lucky ones and will never take that for granted.  I highly recommend you take this final one time only offer of  friendly advice to heart.

Build up some stamina and learn to keep your glove up.    I was born with a great arm so, throwing hard is all I know.  Anyone who has ever met me knows there are a few things I’ve never been able to hide well.  When it comes to my kids there is NO debate.  I will NEVER negotiate or apologize for my lack of tolerance in the event they are mistreated.

You will not EVER mess with my kids and get away with it.

Best of luck on Round 2. ;)

Mama claws are out and I will DIE before I back down.

I have made a promise to myself to use every resource I can find and every ounce of my energy UNTIL I HAVE NO MORE  to hold the person (people) accountable who injured my child(ren).  Accountable to the oath they took the day they received that little piece of paper call a…  Medical License.    26 medical professionals and 4 hospitals who without question broke the law when they blatantly ignored my children.  The same children who now have more medial issues than most people I know who are close to 80 years old. .  Let me make sure I’m real clear here.  I could give two sh*t’s about the money.  It’s the thought of myself being the contributing factor that drags their name and medical license through the mud that practically makes me foam at the mouth. I won’t rest or be happy until it’s revoked indefinitely.  This not only about my kids or the thousands of others who now suffer medically because of pure laziness.  These Doctor’s have no right to continue to PRETEND to practice medicine on all the children out there who are NOT injured yet.  The ones who have managed to dodge disaster due to simply getting lucky.  The unborn.  Those children need protection too.  Maybe if all of these Doctor’s start being held accountable for their actions or lack of ; word will get out and the medical community will start to give it a second thought before ignoring the next child.  Who knows…maybe your child.

I can not stress enough that anytime your body is not functioning properly there IS ALWAYS a reason.  If your Doctor doesn’t want to find it then, find someone who does.  I’m super excited that I’ve been given the opportunity to work on something special to help people understand this very fact really soon.  For now I’ll just leave you with a couple facts to toss around and then buzz about.

Food, nutrition, vitamin & mineral deficiencies, amino acids, toxins etc.  They ALL have a HUGE part in how our body functions.  Think… behavior, allergies, gut issues, and brain function.  Food should be considered a “Silent Time Bomb.”  You eventually will become what you eat.  For example ALL dyes are known to cause hyperactivity.  There are also plenty of studies that show Cancer just loves sugar!   It is extremely important to treat your immune system  like gold.  All of these things cause medical conditions whether your Doctor chooses to diagnose and treat it or not.  Especially when the immune system is compromised.  Especially if that immune system is still young and developing.  It could be just one wrong assault before it’s had enough time to heal from the last (after it’s already been exposed to over 300 toxins in the womb) and your entire family can be changed in an instant.  An instant that turns into FOREVER for most.

Autism is NOT a “Mystery.”  If you don’t believe me just ask anyone that is affected.  Autism is MEDICAL, and not only CAN be but, NEEDS to be treated!


Here’s a couple great sites to check out.

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