*Guest Post * How to Help Teach Your Children Responsibility

I hope you enjoy this guest post as much as I did…we were just talking about this exact topic over the weekend!  Well, you know..yelling…talking..same thing! ;)

How to Help Teach Your Children Responsibility

Hands-on activities are typically one of the best ways to teach your children lasting lessons that they will remember for the duration of their lives. As a caring parent, you know that beyond school, the real lessons kids learn at their most impressionable ages are lessons about character traits, such as honesty, kindness, selflessness, and responsibility. Learning these lessons doesn’t have to be boring — in fact, it can be fun, and you can enjoy guiding them through the process.

sierra guest post 2-25-13

Adopt a Pet
Some families choose to adopt a dog or cat to help teach children about responsibility, but if you’re not ready to take on the maintenance and added expense of one of these animals, consider a fish tank. You can find marine fish tanks for sale online, and can foster a fun family activity by going to the pet store to fill it. Beforehand, do some family research about what types of fish can live together in the same tank, and which ones you can feasibly care for with your lifestyle and time.

Involve them in the Whole Process
Bring the kids in on this decision, so they can learn that decisions have consequences, and you can eliminate negative consequences simply by making a good decision to start with. Educate the kids on what is needed to care for a tank of fish. You’ll have to clean it on a consistent basis and ensure that the proper water is ready. You’ll have to feed the fish on a regular basis and make sure the oxygenation is running properly in the tank. Let them help develop a schedule for who will care for the fish and on what days, and explain what may happen if the fish are not taken care of.

Allow Them to Help with Cooking
Cooking and baking are great ways to help children learn fractions, but they can also begin to learn how to take care of others and meet their needs. With plenty of guidance, let your kids choose a few recipes to serve for dinner, snacks or dessert, and include them in the process of purchasing groceries (you could even hunt together for coupons and explain the wisdom in being careful with money), putting the groceries away, and preparing the recipes. In addition to learning to make something new, they’ll also be able to gain encouragement from friends and family who eat the item your child helped create. That positive enforcement can speak volumes to a child.

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  • http://dysfunctionaldose.com/ Nikki

    I could not agree more!! My kids have no idea what it takes to “do it all” and lately here it seems like they don’t appreciate very much either. Mommy printed individual chore lists today!!

  • http://dysfunctionaldose.com/ Nikki

    You are welcome!

  • http://twitter.com/paigeone4u Sierra Greenman

    Thanks Nikki! ;) – Sierra

  • http://TheDoseofReality.com/ The Dose of Reality

    So true! Great tips for teaching responsibility. In addition to responsibility, I think the cooking thing is helpful if you have picky eaters. My picky eater is more likely to eat something he had a hand in making for some reason!

    I love the fact that you’ve emphasized making sure they are in on the entire process from making the shopping list, shopping, and then cooking . (or doing the research on what care and items are necessary to have a fish) I think we do kids a disservice when we hide the hard work that goes in to every day things. They are going to have to do it on their own one day. They need to start having an appreciation for the time and effort it takes to put a meal on the table!!