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I spent yesterday afternoon at Thing 3′s school because she participated on the 4th grade Music performance.  You would think with so many of these programs under my belt it wouldn’t be that big of a deal to me anymore.  That is (sort of) what I thought walking in the door.  If you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all….  In my defense, Thing 1 is 17, Thing 2 is 12, and Thing 3 is turning 11 this summer.  Trust me I have attended a wide variety of a TON of ceremonies, award shows, and programs.  I even seem to remember a few reruns here and there!

When I really look back at how much cheer section practice I really have had it’s hard to believe this one particular program could have had such a huge impact on me.  Just for fun’s sake I had the kids help me compile a mini resume` of my previous “Audience Experience.”  Our final conclusion was that I have cheered for approximately:

14 Cheer Competitions

74 Football Games

28 Soccer Games (and counting…)

16 Basketball Games

8 Dance recitals

25 Annual School Performances

25 School Award ceremonies

2 Talent Shows

1 Weekend Beauty Pageant

4 Choir Performances

112 Baseball Games

and over 275 Softball games.

That’s 583 times that I have watched my kids shine and that doesn’t even include the blister bleachers I’ve acquired while sitting at the thousands of practices it took to make these shows or games a success.  I think it’s safe to say I AM a professional crowd member simply based on the amount of time served.  So, yesterday as I walked into the school I imagined I would come home talking my usual smack about my most recent juicy people watching session.  For some reason elementary school parents have a way of sending me home with something to talk about!

Things didn’t exactly turn out how I imagined.

Not this day.  This day  was different.  This program was  different than all my other 583 experiences.  This particular program I cried.

See, my daughter..Thing know the one who was “Born this way”

Yes, the very same one who “might not ever get better.”

Well, she stood on that stage just like everyone else.  She sang the same words.  Then, she danced perfectly to the beat.  All while standing next to the first friends she’s ever made.  Once again this child is screaming to the world that she not only CAN but WILL improve.  It’s seems so unbelievable but,  in this last year alone Thing 3 has already managed to surpass what I used to consider my wildest imaginations.  And we have only just started the very basics of medical treatment.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.  It makes no difference to me that it may take us a few years to reach it.  Just staying in my vision field is good enough for me!

photo (6)

Sometimes we (all of us) get so busy that our year can easily turn into one big messy blur. We have a way of thinking if it’s not fresh on our mind then we must not have accomplished as much as we should’ve. Then, all of sudden, when you least expect it you look up and realize how far you’ve come.  These last couple month’s all I could think about is that I’m not doing enough.  When in reality I’ve survived running through gunfire without ever stopping to take a breath.

As parents NOTHING we will ever do for our kids is a waste of time. Yes, even the battles will eventually be worth it at some point. So, next time you start to wonder if your doing a bunch of work for nothing ….stop for just one minute.  Take a second look.  Little things have the ability to turn into big things overnight.  If your not paying attention you could miss that ONE single moment that makes all your hard work worth it.

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For those of you who missed the initial mini Facebook announcement…  It makes me very happy to announce I have been asked by the creators of AIM to help with a brand new AIM HOUSTON CHAPTER!  I’m so excited about this opportunity and can’t wait to get started!  So, if your in the Houston area (or not) you can click the banner above to check out what we’re all about.  Join the group then, stay for a while and take a peek around.  Our first “Meet and Greet” will be announced real soon!  Please feel free to share this with your loved ones.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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  • AnnMarie

    I so completely get this. I cried like a baby when my oldest, who battles CF, graduated from 8th grade and when he played in the Superbowl game for his football team and again when he carried his team to a victory to win the DVC championship for his basketball team. Seeing him do the things that people told me when he was diagnosed that he might not do, made me want to scream from the rooftops. Congrats on heading up the Houston chapter. You know if I lived there, I’d be there to support you in a heartbeat!

  • JReed

    Well, I just cried….knowing that exact moment and the pure joy when it finally clicks together into a beautiful cherished memory. XOXOXOXOXOXOXO Keep kickin ass. J

  • Teri Ortiz

    I am soooo glad I got to sit next to you and experience this moment with you!!! Thing 3 is nothing short of amazing in the progress she is making thanks to your absolute refusal to take no for an answer!!! Continue your fight!!!!
    p.s. I won’t tell anyone that you cried!!!
    Love you bunches!!!!!