Neglected & Abused By the Worlds Most Overtrusted

How many of you would jump right up to help me if I said my child’s life was in danger and there was something you could do to help?  I’m not talking about giving me your brain, or even any of your money.  I’m talking about needing a little bit of your time, and a lot of your heart.  Thank God I’m not the one needing the help for my daughter at this very moment but, if we don’t do something now, in the very near future I could be.

Just to remind everyone my family’s personal medical nightmare has still not gone anywhere.  In fact, getting any type of treatment seems to be moving at a unusually slow pace.  After 10 years with virtually no answers it sure seems like we are so close to some type of treatment but, the all too familiar problem of finding someone who cares seems to stand in our way once again.

Unfortunately, this is a true story.  It’s probably not the first of it’s kind you will read and it sure won’t be the last unless steps are taken to make changes happen.  This is a story that hits very close to home for me.  A story that also hits close to home for about every 1 in 50 people you know.  This is the story about a 14 year old boy named Alex Spourdalakis NOT getting the medical attention he desperately needs.

It was time many years ago that everyone start to WAKE UP!  Not just the Autism Community.  More importantly some of the MEDICAL COMMUNITY that seems to be lacking common sense.  People are led by example and this neglect, abuse, and crap ass standard of care can NOT go on any longer.

How would you feel if your child was held in an ER for 4 days in 4 point restraints because he wouldn’t cooperate and no one knew what the problem was?  I know just the thought of that ever happening to one of my children scares me to death.  What crosses your mind as you think about that exact situation for 10 days?  What if your child was naked, getting bed sores, and suffering severe mental anguish and no one seemed to care? What kind of mind frame do you think you would be in as you entered 20 DAYS of watching your child suffer abuse while being strapped down to a bed and there’s not a damn thing anyone is doing to treat his problem?!

Think about this.

I am SICK.

Things like this are happening and they are going to keep happening until our Medical community is held accountable for their actions, lack of actions, neglect, ignorance, and abuse.

ACCOUNTABILITY.  Does this word even exist in our medical communities anymore?

Upon arrival at Loyola Hospital instead of being given the appropriate medical tests and then treated, Alex was put in 4 point physical restraints while all of his medical needs were ignored, neglected, and subsequently his body and mind severely abused.

His Mother is being threatened.  She is being denied access to a list of medications that were administered into HER child’s body.  She was denied a telephone.  If you can believe it she is even being denied the names of the Doctor’s and medical staff that have laid hands on HER child!

Alex is in pain.  The hospital states he was being combative, and uncooperative.  This means that at any time my own daughter can very easily become the victim of this very same abuse.  Alex doesn’t have and wasn’t given any other way to communicate his pain besides to yell and scream.  As the Mother of a child who didn’t speak her first word until 6 years old I am outraged!  Just because someone can not communicate their needs DOES NOT mean there isn’t a problem.  Just because you don’t know what the problem is DOES NOT mean you should ignore one even exists.  That is not only neglect.  It is ABUSE!

Only six months ago it required 6 grown adults to keep my 10 year old daughter “still”  for a necessary medical test.  So, in my personal opinion, and the eyes of the law it doesn’t make a difference how loud Alex was, how tall he is, or if his skin color is neon green.  Alex is not only a human being.  He is a CHILD!  This is a child that stands only a few inches taller than my own daughter.  A child that has a Mother who is as devastated as you or I would be and this Mother needs our help so, that she can help her child!

Autism is not a “Mystery”!  There are known medical conditions that need to be treated.  Alex’s civil rights, patient rights, and basic human rights are being violated.  This has gone on far too long.  For me personally, I am terrified.  We are the only voice for those who don’t have one.  If WE don’t come together to make a difference then WHO WILL?

You can help by signing the current petition for Alex at   There you will find more of Alex & Dorothy Spourdalakis’s story and sharing tools so, please help spread the word.

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  • Nikki

    I couldn’t agree more. This will keep happening to our nonverbal special needs kids simply because the government has put it in everyone’s head that it’s a “controversial” disorder. Really, it’s very clearly a medical condition which they all seem to have a hard time getting treated! Thanks for stopping by.:)

  • Nikki

    I can imagine you have. I have actually found it RARE to be able to find a Doctor that believes in treating a special needs child.

  • Nikki

    Melonie…I couldn’t agree more. It sure does seem like we make a difference everywhere except in our own country!

  • Nikki

    I feel the same way especially since I just got home from taking Olivia for more Labs and she is “combative” every time.

  • flow chart

    This is crazy.. we gotta change the system.. we are the richest country in history of the world and this is happening..

  • Tiffani Whitaker Goff

    So sad and yet I see it happening again and again. I have run into some really mean hospital workers who forget it is their job to help and treat at the same time. Keep fighting the good fight.
    xoxo tiffani

  • Melonie

    So unimaginable yet It is happening. I don’t understand how we are to be helping people all over the world yet we can not help our own. SO sickening.

  • The Dose of Reality

    This is a nightmare. Reading about his “care” on made me feel gutted. As a medical professional, I don’t even know where to begin as to the things that I can’t believe about the way this child has been treated. It’s beyond terrible. –Lisa