Wake the F*CK Up!

Some of you may remember back in March I shared a story with you about a boy named Alex.  I asked for everyone’s help in doing whatever they could to see that Alex received the medical treatment he deserved because he was being “Abused & Neglected by the World’s Most Overtrusted.”  OUR MEDICAL SYSTEM.  At that point Alex laid in Loyola Hospital’s ER for 19 days NAKED strapped to the bed posts by 4 point leather restraints.  Being non verbal and experiencing severe pain from GI issues he was trying everything he could to make his voice heard that he needed help.

Thousands of people from inside & out of the very large Autism community of 1 in 50 that I am a part of made every effort to try to stop the abuse & hell Alex was enduring and see to it he received the medical treatment he so desperately needed.  His situation hit very close to home for me because my daughter did not speak for 6 years.  My daughter is also a fighter at the doctors office.

This boy was taken from is mother. She was accused of abuse. He was treated like an animal.  Neglected. Abused.

It makes me sick to share with those of you who have not heard yet:

On June 9, 2013 Alex was found dead.  This BOY who lived his entire life in pain because he was failed by our medical system & government also died in pain from stab wounds to the chest.

I  haven’t really followed much of whats going on this last day because it disgusts me to read the garbage I’m reading.  The media is trying to paint the picture that this boy was a “problem child.”  Then, we have our very own Autism community putting all the focus on the Mother.  Doesn’t anyone see the bigger picture here?  No one should be focusing on a damn thing except for the FACT that this boy deserved to live a normal life but, couldn’t because he was neglected, abused, and FAILED by his medical community.

He would have been able to speak his needs if our FDA & CDC wasn’t a bunch of lazy lying assholes.  His medical condition wouldn’t have gotten out of control if he would have EVER received ANY medical treatment for the numerous medical conditions his body carried around every day.  UNTREATED.

As you read this I personally am on my way an hour away from home to “hold down” my fighter for her EEG leads because the hospital across the street from me can’t “meet our needs.”  This is the same Pediatric hospital that is SUPPOSED to be #2 in the nation.  BULLSHIT…..  This EEG is needed in the first place because 2 years ago I gave my daughter a flu vaccine and within a month she started having seizures.  I had to BEG for a year for a sleep study which shows seizures spikes but, not severe enough to treat in the eyes of #2 in the nation!  I have also begged in writing for this golden hospital to help my daughter who shows all the signs of a Mitochondrial Dysfunction.  She was DENIED every time.  IGNORED.  DISMISSED.

26 dumb ass specialists later I finally have the results in my hand from the one good doctor I found to run the appropriate medical tests.  Her Mitochondrial Enzyme results are 1,208% of NORMAL.  I wonder if I still need a psychiatrist.  Is that abnormal enough to wake the f*ck up?!  Of course not.  That would mean they are admitting guilt.

How many more CHILDREN have to die because everyone is worried about saving their own ass???

Everyone better start listening and then come together to SCREAM. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.  These children CAN & WILL function properly if they are not ignored.  There is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS a reason when your body is not functioning properly.  If you can’t figure it out then, DIG.  You’ll find it.  I promise.  When you do it will be very hard.  SO WHAT!! Get over it.  These children have done NOTHING to deserve to be mistreated as if they are a piece of shit in your backyard.

They are our kids and they need our help.

It’s time for the lazy doctor’s who seem to forget the Oath they took to be held accountable.  You don’t get to choose who you treat and who you don’t because you don’t feel like getting off your ass and doing a little work.  Or because you don’t want to piss off the last Specialist by disagreeing with them.  F*CK THEM…..you should be more worried about pissing off really fed up Mother’s like me.  The ones who know the truth.  The ones who are digging.  The ones who have a voice and the ability to FIGHT BACK!  The ones who are willing to take a brick to the head for their kid and you still won’t be able to shut up!!

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Alex, you will NEVER be forgotten.  Your voice will ALWAYS be heard in my mind and the mind of so many others.  God takes good care of angels like you. May you finally be able to rest in peace and pain free.

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  • http://life-wheresthehandbook.blogspot.com/ Krystal

    I found you through the Dose girls and I am so glad that I did. You brought up a perspective that is very true – the fact that the medical system continues to fail our children. I was one of those who focused on the mother and what happened because I was so hurt and angry. You see, I don’t have my children with me full time so I cherish all of them, autism and difficult times and all. But yes, the truth really is that our medical system is not equipped or may not even want to deal with our children. There are so many things that need to be looked at and revamped and addressed that I don’t even know if they will happen in my lifetime or that of my children but we have to do what we can. Right?