What to Expect When Talking Colleges with Your Teen

Oh yes, I’m sure you guessed it.  That’s where I’ve been the last week.  Discussing Colleges and planning the very near future with my precious eye roller Thing 1.

Starting in the 6th grade now our school systems hook these kids up with every piece of information needed to follow the yellow brick road to college.  We went a step above and beyond and started the discussion with Thing 1 on her first day of preschool.  Following the easy step by step guide to future planning I have reminded, begged and even resorted to a little bribery.  I haven’t had much luck teaching the concept of time to someone who easily sends 15,000 text messages a month!  UNTIL NOW!

I love the fact that Teenagers think they know everything but, the simple fact is if I let go of her hand just a little too soon she might actually drown!

If you are coming up to this stage I don’t really have much advice to offer.  I will wish you the luck you will need to survive and gladly tell you what you can expect:

1. Teenagers have no idea how quickly their “future” is coming.

2.  They will have no idea how to plan for it and you will not be able to help them because they will not want to listen.

3.  You will warn them to study for the Pre-SAT and they will ignore you.

4.  They will think they always have next week or next year to raise grades when their time is already coming to a close.

5.  They will have zero understanding of the word “requirements.”  If they do they will make up excuses about why it doesn’t apply to them.

6.  They will also have ZERO understanding of the value of $1 much less $20,000.  The first time the thought will even cross their mind is when you mention the word Junior College.

7.  Thinking about the future will be the farthest thing from your Teenagers mind and the first thing on yours.

8.  When you want to talk about it they will be too busy but, when they get desperate for your help they will suddenly have all the time in the world.

9.  They will give you 1 days notice for an out of town College visit and then cry neglect when you have other children to tend to.

10.  They will not have done anything you asked for the last three years and then expect you to drop everything at a moments notice and do it for them.

my life revolves around my daugter

Oh, Thing 1.  My Princess.  My Dear.  You are so special your like my own custom pain in the ass!  Your notorious history for nonsense has never surprised me until now.  Somehow you have managed to do something I never thought was possible.  I always imagined myself on the day you were leaving as a big blubbering mess.  Now, I can easily envision let’s say a ….. celebration of your success!

I’m going to stop, drop, and roll to help you because first and foremost you are my daughter and I love you.  But, it might also have a little something to do with the fact that I could always count on you to bring back that special feeling in my tummy.

Ahh Yes…

The Warm Fuzzy Sensation.

Take a bow for being the sole person responsible for helping me figure out.  That feeling in my gut is the sweet sensation of being RIGHT!  Thank you my darling.  Without you I wouldn’t have a clue!


If you haven’t discussed colleges yet, I wish you the best of luck.  Collegeoverview.com would be a great place to start.

This was not a sponsored post. I just wanted to share the website.

Thanks for reading.  If you like my blog please share with your friends.

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  • http://dysfunctionaldose.com/ Nikki

    Hi Heather! Thanks for stopping by and reading! I have three drama queens over here (son included) so, there always seems to be a story to tell! I will pray for your sanity as you try to pass this next stage….12 & 13 with my oldest were some of the hardest years of my life! Stop by and see me again soon :)

  • heather tucker

    i love your blog iam your new follower. my oldest will be 11yrs in june and is already a drama queen lol i am dreading when she is a teenager

  • http://dysfunctionaldose.com/ Nikki

    Thanks for stopping by Carrie! I raise my glass to you and wish you Good Luck as you finish off the year! I’ll stop by your page asap!

  • http://dysfunctionaldose.com/ Nikki

    You better start prepping him now! On all the college sites I’ve been on recently they recommend taking steps starting in 7th grade!

  • http://twitter.com/MildlyMedicated Carrie

    ahh yes, my oldest is finishing her sr year now.
    Carrie @ Just Mildly Medicated

  • http://twitter.com/TheDoseTweets The Dose of Reality

    I am laughing and also bracing myself for when the time comes. My oldest is about to turn 13 so I have awhile…but I can feel the truth in every single one of your numbers above. Oh, yes I can! I already feel like I experience 8, 9, and 10 all the time over things other than college. I can only imagine!! :)

  • http://dysfunctionaldose.com/ Nikki

    I just laughed so hard at that first line but, I know I shouldn’t because I would be livid. I always hated school as well but, I wish I would have taken advice in the teen years. Trust me. I had huge plans for tomorrow that I believe have been trampled on by my kids being out of school today! Did we start on the exact same day??

  • http://twitter.com/tiffaniathome tiffani goff

    My talks about college ended with my daughter threatening to drop out of high school if I didn’t leave her alone. Obviously I quit and now she works full time and won’t do college. I love school and could be a professional student but my child hates it. UGH xoxo tiffani
    p.s. tomorrow is our blog anniversary and guess what? I didn’t plan anything.

  • http://dysfunctionaldose.com/ Nikki

    Umm no, I can not imagine and I don’t want to! Talking to this girl has been like talking to a wall! Most of these colleges are looking at her Pre-SAT from the beginning of the year which she didn’t take seriously and then tanked. Now she has to very quickly take an SAT prep course and then do awesome on the SAT. Which she is very capable of. The problem is she doesn’t do anything “quickly” and her Mommy can’t take the test for her! I need another couple feet to put up her butt!

  • Missi @havoc-to-heaven.com

    Can you believe I have two girls I need to discuss college with and 1 daughter that is in the middle of being recruited by colleges at 14!! My head is swimming and I must admit the financials are scaring the life out of me! Great timing on this post as we are having our first big sitdown with Olivia tonight to try to narrow down her list. eeks!